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Sectional Doors

Sectional Doors

Sectional garage doors are the best engineered garage doors on the market. For almost 40 years we have specialised in the installation of sectional doors.

An insulated sectional door is made of usually 4 panels that rise vertically and "fold" into the roof space. When in the roof space they join together again. The panels join together with "tongue and groove" joints. We believe they are the ultimate garage door in terms of strength and security!

Each panel is 40mm thick which provides excellent thermal insulation (1.35 W/m 2K), especially if you have an integral garage with a bedroom above for example. Draft excluders around the door and a thick seal fitted within the bottom panel provide an excellent seal to stop drafts. They also stop debris from outside blowing into your garage while the door is firmly closed either by manual operation or with an electric operator.

We supply the Alutech sectional garage door. We consider this door to be the most robust and secure door in the market. Alutech are one of the only manufacturers to use ball race bearings within their rollers, instead of the Garador and Hörman alternative which is just a plastic wheel. The roller is enclosed within the roller bracket to eliminate the risk of wheels failing in the tracks.

Alutech sectional doors come in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit almost any garage.

The spring system of Alutech sectional garage doors holds the weight of the door leaf and allows the user to easily lift and open the door, in the single or double option. As an added layer of safety protection larger double doors are fitted with a spring brake system which acts as a fail-safe, catching the door and preventing it from falling.

In the single door option the springs are positioned in the side frame legs of the frame. This configuration aids in garages that have a low ceiling or rafters because you need less headroom for the door to open with one of the electric motors that we fit. The side springs can be covered with a spring cover, as an optional extra, to prevent fingers getting trapped in the springs as the door opens and closes.

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