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About Us

We are a small family business manufacturing quality garden buildings, we aim to produce a quality building at a competitive price. we are not interested in producing cheap rubbish just to secure a sale! Pride in your work and a happy customer are equally as important as getting paid.

About Us

The picture is of Andrew Dams with a Stamford Mercury ad rep, Circa 1986, for a feature advertisement.

The business was started by Andrew Dams in 1983. Then aged 17 and in fairly hard economic times, Andrew found himself out of work (again) and so decided it was time to make his own way in life. Andrew started off selling other manufacturers buildings but gradually as one company after another let him down he decided to start making his own products.

Initially working from a yard in Star Lane, Stamford. Andrew then moved to a bigger premises at Stamford Garden Centre supplying their sheds and various other garden centres in and around Lincolnshire, Although now our buildings are only available directly to cut out the middle man. In 2000 he purchased his current premises in Walcott Road, Billinghay. It seemed a major undertaking and initially to make ends meet started supplying more centres (10 in total) 2 in Dorset! which meant more problems.

In 2007 he decided to downsize the business and get back to that personal touch and actually make things himself again. It's now 2023 and the smile is still on his face! Helped now by wife Lisa, Son Daniel and 3 other members of staff, the machinery the business has acquired over the years enables us to produce good quality joinery for the summerhouses far in excess of what you would expect from a small business. Little did he know in 1983 he would be starting a "job for life".

And finally, in the modern world we live in where everybody is just a spoke in a wheel or a tooth on a cog, we have a rewarding job where we start with a raw material, construct something from start to finish and then see the end result, A happy customer.

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