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The Avanti T-Series 800nm model is the recommended motor for use with either the Alutech sectional garage door or a Garador up & over door and is the operator which has been CE certified for use with the doors. We supply the T-Series as standard with all Alutech sectional garage doors, this offers a smooth, quiet automatic garage door at a great value price.

The Avanti Operator come with 2 hand zappers as standard. It also has a integral LED light which turns on as soon as the operator is activated. this light is also a button which can be used to open and close the door. The light turns off automatically for great convenience of use.

There are many accessories that complement the Avanti operator e.g. wireless key pads, wall switches or in car 12v buttons. These accessories are great alternatives for gaining access to the garage without necessarily having to use a hand zapper.

The Avanti motor come with a 7 year warranty as standard.

The Avanti is also factory programmed with a pressure sensor, so if the door comes down and meets an obstruction it will stop and reverse. The operator can also be put into 'holiday mode' for those times when your property is empty, totally disabling the operator from being opened. It can be taken out of this mode and reactivated with a coded hand zapper.

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