Pressure Treatment

It is fashionable at the moment to pressure treat shed timbers. YES
Sounds like a good idea? NO.
One of our timber suppliers has a pressure treatment plant, it would be easy to ask for the timber to be treated before delivery and save us hours with a brush treating the sheds.
The cost would be similar to the cost of us buying treatment!
So all in all why don't we use pressure treated timbers?
Shed timbers are kiln dried, the process to pressure treat means the pack of timber maybe 4.8mtrs x1mtrx1mtr is placed in a chamber filled with treatment and is then pressurised.
The process forces liquid into the KILN DRIED timber which will naturally expand.
When the timbers are nailed into the shed panels and the sun comes out you are more likely to experience excessive shrinkage.
This process just makes the manufacturers life easy and it sounds good to the customer!
Timber is a natural product which will expand and contract with the elements, you don't want to be increasing the chances of excessive shrinkage especially with
something like a tongue and groove board, the tongue is and groove is approx 6mm, thats only 3mm of shrinkage on each joining board before a “problem” occurs.
we have one summerhouse on display in the yard that was erected in 2010, the boards are as tight as the day we made it!
The guarantee with pressure treatment is void when the timber is cut!
WE are trying to produce a quality product that will last years in your garden, pressure treatment does not increase the life of your shed, it is all down to how the shed is made!